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Had a great week lost 8lbs and 6 inches. 

I can now fit this large outfit that I got as a gift 2 years ago...

Works so good. My inches are coming down. I have to make myself eat. The detox is the bomb. 

Sharon Hodgins

It works very well. I feel lighter and have released 8 lbs so far. It's a lot slower when you're 71 1/2 years young.

Rosalyn Noaks

I have to take iron pills three times a day, which usually has me stopped up. This cleanse has made me regular and feeling so light. I don't feel bloated anymore.

Deronda Copeland

I have been drinking water and eating clean, I'm at 7 lbs down this week.  My appetite has lessened by a long shot! I'm sitting here trying to decide if I even want to eat. This is exciting!

Mundy Thurman

That Ketones are amazing. My appetite has gone. I really eat once a day now especially in the morning. I take a good breakfast and after that, only water throughout all the day. It works. I lost about 7lbs already day 6. Thank you Tangela Huggins!

Abiba Gbane

Founder & CEO

Grean Cleanse To a Healthier You!

Detox, Replenish & Maintain Plan

GREAN CLEANSE 15 DAY DETOX- Cleanses Internal Toxin Build Up which leads to a Boost in Immune System. Weight Loss, Flatter Belly & Less Bloating

Grean Cleanse Ketones Complex -Boost in energy and Suppressed Appetite allows you to Gain Control and Change to Healthier Eating Habits

Grean Cleanse Protein -Builds, Repairs & Strengthens Bones, Muscles, Skin, Hair & Blood

Grean Cleanse Guide - 6 week plan to Properly Change Eating Habits for Superior Health

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